Pastoral Care

“You don’t tend to have only one best friend here; we all have loads of best friends. It is a really friendly school.”

The welfare, happiness, safety and health of our pupils is of the utmost importance and we strongly believe that a child who feels valued, safe and happy in school will reach their full potential.We encourage a strong partnership between parents and staff, including support staff, who are accessible at all times.The class teachers develop strong bonds with their pupils and will usually be the first person to deal with any concerns.

“There’s always someone to help. If you don’t understand, they will keep explaining until you get it.”  

The School has a strong anti-bullying plan which was devised by The Head of Woodbridge Prep with the Year 6 pupils.  Pupils are regularly reminded of this in assemblies and the plan is displayed around the School.

The School also runs after school care between 4 – 5pm at no extra charge. Pupils can stay here from a few minutes or for the whole hour and it is supervised by duty members of staff and our school matron.  Pupils are encouraged to do their homework whilst in after school care and can ask the supervising staff for help if necessary.  Pupils who catch the School bus also meet here and are then escorted to the buses by members of staff. Members of staff are also on duty before school to meet and greet the pupils and are also on duty in the School car park to ensure the safe arrival and departure of pupils.

The School has created an environment where pupils’ achievements and community spirited efforts are recognised and rewarded by House points, plus points and Commendations.The School Council meets every term and is comprised of pupils elected by their peers from each class.  The Council discusses ideas put forward by each class and this has led to a number of developments within the school. All Year 6 pupils are appointed as Leaders (Prefects) at least once a term and they carry out specific duties and help with the general running of the School. Such an experience helps to develop leadership qualities, responsibility and self-confidence.

At the beginning of the School year, we organize an induction morning for new pupils and their parents which helps them to become familiar with the school layout, routines and members of staff.  As well as the formal parents’ evenings, we hold informal coffee mornings for year groups where parents can meet their children’s teachers and also meet each other.

The School is incredibly sociable and the warmth of its community is  the key to Woodbridge School life.