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Communication, Leadership, Initiative, Collaboration, Kindness

The CLICK attributes are interwoven into our curriculum and equip all pupils with the skillset necessary to perform to the very best of their ability. Communication, Leadership, Initiative, Collaboration and Kindness – a combination of characteristics that are taught, experienced and put to use in all lessons and extra-curricular activities.

How do we CLICK?

Each of these attributes are celebrated in our half-termly ‘CLICK Days’ during which the whole school works together in a themed event. From the Crystal Maze communication challenge to the Woodbridge School Prep Election Day, these diverse and exciting events serve to highlight how CLICK skills can be drawn upon in scenarios that extend beyond the classroom.


Equipping children for all life’s challenges

Our aim is to ensure that the pupils of Woodbridge School Prep develop life-long skills and learning habits that will allow them to embrace every task and challenge with passion and determination.


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