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Food, Health and Nutrition

Tailored specifically for children in Years 3 and 4 at our Prep School Food, Health and Nutrition lessons are dynamic, engaging and age appropriate; teaching basic skills and techniques about our food and diet as well as the importance these play in our mental and physical development.

Introducing fundamental concepts

Through engaging and age-appropriate lessons, we introduce children to the fundamental concepts of health and nutrition, encouraging and supporting them to foster essential life skills. From learning basic knife skills and cooking techniques through demonstration and practice, to exploring the importance of a balanced diet and hydration through education on the health benefits and nutritional value of different food groups, children have the opportunity to learn in a safe and supported environment.

Underpinning improvements in dietary choices, now and in the future, children also foster a deeper understanding of the impact of food on their bodies and minds, empowering them to make conscious choices about their nutrition and overall health.

Working with food

By integrating hands-on activities such as weighing out ingredients, kneading dough to make bread, rubbing in butter to flour to make pastry or a crumble, following recipe instructions and adapting savoury and sweet recipes to make them healthier, we provide practical experiences that reinforce classroom learning and empower students to take charge of their health and well-being.  Our Food, Health and Nutrition lessons encompass so many life skills including the mindful and intentional aspects of food preparation.

By encouraging children to approach cooking and baking with awareness and presence, we foster a deeper understanding of the impact of food on their bodies and minds and empower them to understand why and how to make conscious choices about their nutrition and overall health. With a specialist classroom that provides a dedicated, safe environment and appropriate kitchen equipment, our students also learn the value of safety, hygienic food preparation and kitchen protocols.

Learning about food sourcing

Learning about foods in season and those from around the world, children discuss the impact of locally grown and sourced foodstuffs, which in turn enables us to educate them on the importance of lowering our carbon footprint with less miles from field to fork, and encourages conversations about packaging and the need to continue to reduce plastic and other preserving transportation and storage materials and mediums.


Across our curriculum

At Woodbridge School Prep we have designed our curriculum to ignite curiosity and promote healthy habits from an early age.  Integrated into other subjects such as art, maths, science and geography, learning from Food, Health and Nutrition lessons extend across the curriculum and are the source of many informed conversations in other parts of School and School life.

With trips to local green-grocers, our market in the town and other shops and places where food can be purchased, we encourage children to make connections across the curriculum for example visiting local shops to understand money and value; they’re not only making informed decisions about how much they are able to spend, but what they are spending it on and the impact that food could have on their bodies and overall health.

Skills for School and beyond

Laying the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy eating habits, culinary confidence, and mindful living, our Food, Health and Nutrition lessons at Woodbridge School Prep equip Year 3 and Year 4 children with essential skills and knowledge to thrive, both in and outside of the kitchen.

Children are nurtured holistically, supporting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating and happiness; enabling them to make healthier food choices now and in the future.

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