A Leading HMC Independent School (4-18)

  • "Parents are highly supportive of the school" ISI Report 2016

  • "The pupils’ excellent personal development is a direct consequence of the high quality pastoral care and support which is given to them all, from the very youngest to those in sixth form" ISI Report 2016

  • "Care is taken to treat boarders as individuals so that their personal, social and academic needs are addressed" ISI Report 2016

  • "The quality of provision and care for boarders is excellent" ISI Report 2016

  • "The boarding experience contributes highly effectively to the boarders’ excellent personal development and outcomes for boarders are excellent" ISI Report 2016

  • "Relationships between pupils and staff and between the pupils themselves are excellent" ISI Report 2016

  • "By the time they leave school the pupils have developed into self-assured, articulate individuals who are well prepared to face the challenges of an increasingly global environment with confidence and a clear set of values" ISI Report 2016

  • "The pupils’ personal qualities demonstrate the school’s success in meeting its aim to help them grow into happy, confident, resilient and caring young men and women" ISI Report 2016

  • "Children with particular needs or strengths are identified at an early stage, and they are supported in making strong progress by skilfully adapted tasks or by individual support" ISI Report 2016

  • "Creative and expressive subjects have a high priority in the curriculum, with excellent opportunities in sport, drama and music" ISI Report 2016

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Woodbridge News

2019 Music Competition Finals

Fri 29th March 2019

This was a truly
marvellous culmination of an astonishing fortnight of music making.

The individual
competition, in its new guise, was a fantastic success: musicians excelling;
extraordinary variety; and the full panoply of instruments on display, from drum
kit to voice via woodwind, brass, keyboard, percussion and


Year 9 Salters’ Chemistry Challenge at Cambridge

Fri 29th March 2019

Tuesday I and three others went on an exciting chemistry trip to Cambridge.
Here, alongside many other schools in the region, we took part in a series of
practical experiments and produced a sample of the drug Paracetamol. The sample
was then tested for purity using a variety of techniques including Thin Layer


4.48 Psychosis Review

Fri 29th March 2019

The competing voices within a psychotic mind were brought
into stark relief by this year’s A level drama students.  Sarah Kane’s personal descent into oblivion
was presaged in her own writing, and the staging of such an inner tragedy is
not to be undertaken lightly.  Indeed,
there was little of brightness in this harrowing

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