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Sixth Form: Academic Life

Students at Woodbridge Sixth Form get to explore their subjects in greater depth, in a programme that provides the ideal balance of support and independence. With one eye on the next stage of their education or career, we help students to set themselves on the right path towards their goals.

Targeting your future path

A levels at Woodbridge allow you to focus on your interests and to target a future career. We work with you to identify which A Levels are right for you, whichever subject you want to pursue beyond school.

The A level courses we teach not only open the door to a huge range of degree course options, they are also highly respected by those outside higher education. The aim is to choose a group of subjects that fits your ability and interests while keeping as many doors open as possible.

Choices of subject

Many combinations of subject choices are available at Woodbridge School, and making your final decisions can be a daunting prospect. Your choice will be very personal to you, depending on your aspirations.

The Russell Group offers useful advice on A level choices; if you would like to find out more go to: informedchoices.ac.uk.

Learning support

While Woodbridge Sixth Form encourages independent study, we maintain a diligent learning support scheme to help students as and when they may need more guidance, insight and advice.

Especially if they have progressed up from our Senior School, our supportive tutor system will recognise each student’s aptitudes and help them to make the most of their time and talents.

science labs

A Level subject options

Here you can find a short introduction to each of our A Levels at Woodbridge Sixth Form.

For more in depth information on each subject as well as an overview of studying at our Sixth Form, please download our guide below.

Selecting subjects

Your choice of subjects will obviously be a very personal decision. Our dedicated A level options guide goes into each subject in detail, and also provides a complete overview of life in Sixth Form and the application process.

If, after reading the guide, you have any doubts or difficulties in deciding what you want to study for A levels, please seek advice. We are always happy to discuss your possible pathways and indicate which subjects might be most suitable for you personally.

The Russell Group also offers useful advice on A level choices; feel free to read their guidance at: informedchoices.ac.uk.

Results and outcomes

Having worked incredibly hard, our Sixth Formers come together at the end of their two years of studying to receive and celebrate their results and achievements.

Sharing their onward journeys, hopes and aspirations for the future, as well as their grades, our students’ excellent results are testament to the hard work and commitment shown and recognised throughout their time at Woodbridge.

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