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The Arts

As part of a dynamic curriculum, Woodbridge School students develop their artistic talents across four key expressive media – Art, Design, Drama and Music. Lessons inspire creative thinking and original ideas, giving students the confidence to stretch their skills and experiment with new ways to achieve excellence in the studio, workshop and theatre.

Nurturing talent

The Arts are a thriving field and every student is creative in their own, individual way. Our tutors uncover each student’s innate talents and help them to flourish in whatever discipline they are best suited to.

With excellent facilities for theatre, music and visual arts, students are given the guidance, structure and means to get the best out of their creativity and skyrocket their confidence.


Students establish where their visual strengths lie, in two or three dimensions, and are given the chance to develop a strong portfolio of exciting work ahead of final assessment pieces.


Encompassing graphic design, film, fashion and textiles, students hone their concepts and skills across physical and digital media, setting them on the path to a strong career.


Students are given a broad understanding of drama through study of recognised texts, practical performance and devising their own scripts, with thorough analysis at every stage.


Students looking to develop their performance, confidence and stage presence benefit hugely from LAMDA lessons and examinations.


Through listening, composing and practice, students learn to properly appraise, create and perform music across a range of styles and eras, including voice talents.

The setting

Woodbridge students develop their individual talents and interpersonal skills in some of the finest facilities in the region. Take a closer look at 0ur School’s amenities.

Latest news and events

See what’s happening in the Seckford Theatre, our Music School and Art department, where students’ perform and display their work.

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