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Woodbridge Senior School

We provide exceptional academic teaching and support for students aged 11-16, guiding them through some of the most important stages of their education. Our all-encompassing programme of learning and self-discovery delivers a real sense of purpose for every student and creates a solid foundation for the rest of their lives.

Day in the life

The warmth and sense of community around our school sets the perfect tone for our students to develop and thrive.

As well as a range of insightful and challenging lessons, an average day for a member of our Senior School can involve sports, drama, creative arts, cadet training or one of the many clubs and societies on offer. A Woodbridge student can wear many hats, and do so with style.


Senior School is where students get to learn about every available subject before deciding which they will choose to take further for GCSE study, and later to A levels.

Our dedicated teaching staff inspire students with their passion for each of their specialised fields, encouraging an appetite for learning and enabling students to discover where their strengths lie.

Life at Woodbridge
Students see Woodbridge School very much as their home. In addition to a rigorous academic programme, there’s a full and engaging programme of co-curricular activities.
About the School
You’ll love how our clear vision and values guide dynamic, respectful, high-achieving students.
Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent, or a child. Our Admissions Team are available to answer your questions.
News and Events
The latest updates, news, events, Covid policy and dates for your diary.

Beyond the classroom

Building a sense of teamwork, stretching a student’s idea of what’s possible, cultivating a sense of companionship, respect and community, evolving creative thinking and developing skills to take forward in life.

All this and more comes out of the range of activities students can undertake in addition to their academic studies.

You get so much support from the school, making sure that you understand what you want to do, that the subjects you’re doing are catering towards what you want to do later on in life.
Our People
The entire teaching and leadership community at Woodbridge School are all driven by the same aims, values and ethos to ensure the next generation become everything they are meant to be.
Careers advice is on hand throughout the Senior School and into Sixth Form.
Getting to Woodbridge
Woodbridge School is nestled within the historic Suffolk town of the same name.
Our History
Woodbridge School’s history dates back to the 16th century, when Thomas Seckford established a foundation to provide better prospects for the young people and elderly of this area.


There are a number of questions we often get asked. We answer as many as possible here, but if you have a new question feel free to get in touch.

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