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Senior School: Academic Life

Students in Woodbridge Senior School progress through a comprehensive curriculum, gaining knowledge across the entire breadth of academic study before choosing the specialised subjects they wish to take beyond year 9 to GCSE level and beyond. Whatever their talents, they get exceptional support every step of the way.

Teaching for success

Students at every level gain enormously from our unique and innovative approach to teaching.

Our methodology enables students to not only acquire essential knowledge, but also be empowered to learn better, retain information and become more independent, through metacognition and self-reflection.

Creative and critical thinking

We provide each student with the essential intellectual skills needed for later study, including the ability to think critically and logically, capturing imagination and allowing for diversity of interests. 

All academic subjects are important and help to develop different areas of the brain; for example, English develops the ability to use language precisely and creatively, whilst History and social sciences require that students are able to research and then construct clear, logical arguments based on their findings. In the creative arts, students are given extensive opportunities to create their own direction, and languages, students build intelligence, empathy, and understanding of different cultures.

STEM subjects

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are exceptionally strong at Woodbridge. These subjects will allow students to fully embrace the ongoing technological revolution and are thus vitally important to students’ lives and careers. We deliver lessons that inspire students to think in an original and creative way.


Students are also strongly encouraged to learn languages, with French, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, Greek and Japanese all available. Students in the Senior School start from a very broad base of languages and can then study them further as a specialist subject.

The Junior Oxbridge programme

Our academic scholars and other high achieving students benefit from an all-through programme which runs from Year 7 right up to support for Oxbridge applications in Years 12 and 13. It is a calibrated, stimulating and collaborative programme built into the academic timetable, and it is designed to drive intellectual growth, promote original thinking and retain academic hunger.

Academic enrichment sessions span a wide range of topics including Archaeology, Engineering, Cryptography, Music and Art appreciation, logic problems, debating and much more. All academic scholars attend the programme, while other students with a zest for knowledge and intellectual exploration (as shown by their achievement and effort in class) may be invited to join the sessions.

Students who are aspiring to the most competitive universities are strongly urged to enter national essay competitions. Entries are co-ordinated by the Head of Scholars, and, in recent years, Woodbridge School has achieved an impressive series of successes in a range of subjects.

Learning support

Woodbridge School maintains a diligent learning support scheme to help students across the academic spectrum – from the highly gifted to those who need extra assistance in class. Our well-proven tutor system identifies each student’s aptitudes and abilities, encouraging them to make the most of the opportunities offered through a personal development plan.

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GCSE options

Students will typically take 10 GCSEs, but exactly which ones will be down to a number of factors. While many subjects are compulsory or highly recommended, there are opportunities for students to also play to their individual skills, talents or goals.

Sometimes, students have queries or difficulties making decisions over which subjects to study for GCSE. Teachers and learning support staff will be available to offer advice and indicate which courses may be most appropriate for individual students, and why.

Results and outcomes

Coming together to celebrate their results in School with teachers and classmates, students congratulate one another on excellent results and share their hopes, aspirations and plans for future pathways.

Their hard work and commitment will be recognised as they move onto the next step of their lives and studies.

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