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Bus Routes

A number of school minibus services operate daily throughout the local region. We aim to be flexible with these services; passengers are able to travel on different daily bus journeys if required, providing there is space and notice given.


Buses run from destinations as diverse as Colchester, Polstead, Bury St Edmunds, Aldeburgh and Henstead, to name a few.

All passenger seats must be booked in advance through the StudentSafe portal.


If you have any queries or would like to discuss your plans, please contact us on 01394 615000 or buses@woodbridgeschool.org.uk.

Routes, Timetables and Prices

Maps of the routes and a full breakdown of the timetables and prices for 2023-24 can be found here.

Please note: Routes are subject to occasional change and prices are reviewed annually.

North East Bus Routes 2023-24


South West Bus Routes 2023-24

Regular passengers

In reserving a place on a bus for their children, parents are reserving a season ticket. Parents are to manage bookings via the StudentSafe portal if any amendments or changes need to be made to their bus requirements. The cost of travel will be charged in arrears on the termly fee bill for the regular journeys reserved.

Ad-hoc passengers

Provided that space is available that day, we may be able to offer occasional, ad-hoc journeys for regular passengers wishing to travel on a day not covered by their season ticket, or for children who do not usually use the bus.

To reserve a space, please use the StudentSafe portal:


Want to book a visit or make an enquiry? Please get in touch.

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