Old Woodbridgians


The Old Woodbridgian Society began on a formal basis in the early part of the 20th century. The earliest record of the first President was in the school magazine, ‘The Woodbridgian,’ printed in 1911. The aim of the Society was to provide opportunities for former pupils to keep in touch when they had left school. More recently, the Old Woodbridgian Society operated independently from the school with a great deal of success by our past presidents, such as Ken Bailey and David Houchell, and those that filled officer posts on the committee. With years of driven support from their Registrar, Michael Weaver, their collective leadership saw the annual OW Dinner and annual Old Woodbridgian Magazine thrive. They lived up to their motto of “Bringing Old Woodbridgians Together” Today we are in a different era, one where people are much better connected; one with instant messaging and social networking. We don’t really need to continue “Bringing Old Woodbridgians Together” anymore; most of us are already linked up through one or two degrees of separation. Instead we need to change focus to “Keeping Woodbridgians Together”.

The current OW Liaison Group is comprised of OWs past and present working either on a voluntary basis or as part of the School staff. The Liaison Group also includes the Alumni Officer and the Headmaster. Full details of the current Liaison Group can be found on the “Liaison Group” section of the website.


We have a community of around 4,500 Old Woodbridgians. For many, childhood years spent at Woodbridge School have resulted in enduring fond memories, and friendships that have lasted decades. The purpose of the OW School Liaison Group is to foster these memories and friendships and to continue to enrich them by creating opportunities for sharing memories, bringing old friends together again and by providing the link back to the School.


Our world has become fast-paced and more interactive. The Liaison Group is embracing social and web-based media to allow for more pro-active and interactive communication in conjunction with traditional forms of media to keep the OW community informed of forthcoming events and other news:

The OW Network:

https://ownetwork.co.uk/#   Our new online community which allows OWs to connect with each other with a view to sharing work and networking opportunities, as well as the best place to find all the latest news and events about the OW community.


www.facebook.com/TheOldWoodbridgians. For use as a discussion forum, sharing photos and stories, and announcing events.


We will use email to notify and remind you of events.


We will use traditional mail to notify OWs of news and events as well as issuing booking forms and invitations.


The Old Woodbridgian magazine published termly will contain news of OWs, events and reports.


The Liaison Group will coordinate a variety of events to bring OWs together. They will fall into one of 3 categories:


Our main event of the year is the OW dinner, typically held in September, this event is open to all but we will also use this event to celebrate the significant anniversaries of those that left either 25 or 50 years ago. We also coordinate a London drinks event and Christmas drinks for recent leavers.


We have an active golf society and a very successful golf team in the Grafton Morrish cup. We also have hockey, netball and cricket matches with other alumni societies. We are actively looking to build a greater number of sports events during the year and would ask OWs to complete the Old Woodbridgian Sports survey  in order to find out more about the types of sporting events we should be considering.


We co-ordinate and sponsor careers meetings and lunches to introduce/network current pupils with OWs in order to offer help and guidance as they consider their future careers. All event details will be published on the OW website. We will also actively promote any events that are coordinated by OWs for OWs. Please contact the Alumni Office or Chairman if you would like an event you are co-ordinating to be publicised or included in the event calendar.