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OW Alumni Groups
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The Old Woodbridgians Liaison Group uses the OW Network and social media, in conjunction with traditional channels such as email and printed letters, to allow more interactive communication between all members and keep the OW community informed of events and news.

How we keep in touch

Old Woodbridgians can use a number of ways to stay on top of news and events.

OW Latest Talk: A Schoolboy’s History of Woodbridge

The OW Network

Our new online community, serving as the first port of call for all the latest news and events about the OW community. The website also allows OWs to connect with each other with a view to sharing work and networking opportunities.

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The OW Facebook group

A useful forum for discussions, sharing photos and stories, and announcing events.

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Traditional media

For the many OWs who are not regularly online or using social media, we still provide information and updates through traditional channels.

We will use email to notify and remind you of events.

We will use traditional mail to notify OWs of news and events as well as issuing booking forms and invitations.

Printed publication:
The Old Woodbridgian magazine is published annually, containing news of OWs, events and reports.

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