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Life at Woodbridge School

Woodbridge School is, above all, a community, with ingrained values. And it is our shared ambition and sense of purpose that allows our students to thrive in their learning environment, developing into the best version of themselves as happy, confident and accomplished individuals. Learn more below.

Great results are born out of an engaging teaching environment and modern facilities, where staff are experts in their fields.
The Arts
Helping students to develop their creative thinking and articulate their ideas and emotions through a range of expressive fields.
Students are driven to push themselves, support each other, compete fairly and excel in whatever their chosen physical activity.
A range of organised activities designed to build character and expand our students’ personal skills, goal-setting and sense of achievement.
We love the sheer amount of fun and enjoyment that they have at school; it is very much a ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy, but most of all have fun doing it.

Explore the School

Make yourself at home. Take a virtual tour around our community to learn more about our facilities and everything the School can offer your child..

Pastoral care & wellbeing

Just as important as their depth of learning and skills development, a student’s state of mind, self-esteem and attitude to life play key roles in their progress and success. Combining confidence and kindness, we ensure students get all the support they need to build positive, proactive lives during and after their time at school.


Woodbridge School is not only a place where students expand their minds, skills and character. For many, it’s also where they live. Learn more about boarding and how to apply.

Our uniform is an integral part of our School’s identity, creating unity and equality across the student community. Please refer to the Student Handbook for full guidelines.
Bus routes
Well-connected by both road and rail, there are several convenient ways to travel to Woodbridge School. See bus routes and directions here.
Lunch Menus
Feeding the body as well as the mind – eating well and staying energised is an important part of life at Woodbridge. Check out this week’s menus here.
Term Dates
Find out when the term dates fall over the next two years.


There are a number of questions we often get asked. We answer as many as possible here, but if you have a new question feel free to get in touch.

Want to book a visit, make an enquiry? Please feel free to get in touch

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