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Pastoral Care for Boarders

Spending an extended period of time away from one’s home town and family can be stressful or lonely for young people. With one-third of our staff trained in youth mental health first aid, we are always aware of our students’ wellbeing, confidence and attitude.

Taking the time to care

Being a boarder at Woodbridge School is very much like being part of an extended family, and students experience all the support and care that this implies.

The Housemaster, Mr Pineo, the students’ tutors and our Head of Pastoral Care are always available to ensure students are happy at School and lead positive, proactive lives.

Addressing issues

The welfare of every student is paramount, and what Woodbridge School offers is a very wide umbrella of care and support for any concern. This could be anything from a minor academic worry to issues with confidence or image, or a major life event such as bereavement or divorce.

The strength of the system is the people in it; people who are encouraged to encourage, and who are perceptive in spotting difficulties as they start to arise. A problem shared is a problem halved, and molehills rarely become mountains.

Quiet contemplation

Students attend chapel once a week, but the chapel is open during the day for those who need to find a space for quiet contemplation or a moment of peace from the busy day.

Boarders are also able to take time out in quiet spaces in and around School House, and obviously in their own rooms.

Always there for students

Woodbridge has received praise for its exceptional pastoral care, excellent parental links, outstanding contribution to the community and the overall atmosphere of the School.

This is because our approach to pastoral care extends far beyond just a dedicated, experienced team and a suitable structure for dealing with difficulties. Pastoral care at Woodbridge is everywhere: in the classroom, on the cricket pitch, in corridors, studios and the dining hall. It is simply in the lifeblood of the School.

Support comes in many forms

Support is not only about recognising and overcoming any personal obstacles students may face on a day-to-day basis but also enabling a greater understanding where students feel challenged academically.

Our learning support approach means teachers make subjects as accessible as possible, presenting complex concepts in a clear and relatable way, and try to remove barriers to academic achievement. All students learn and rise together.

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