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Old Woodbridgians Events

The OWs Liaison Group organises a number of events to bring Old Woodbridgians together and to also give current students the benefit of their knowledge and advice.

How we bring OWs together

Social events:

Our main event of the year is the OW Dinner, typically held in September. This event is open to all, but we will also use the occasion to celebrate significant anniversaries of those that left 40, 30, 25, 20 or 10 years ago. A recent and popular introduction is our Senior Alumni Lunch for those that left at least 50 years ago which is held at the end of the Lent Term.  We also coordinate a London drinks event, Christmas drinks for recent leavers and are planning more targeted events for specific eras of leavers.

Sports events:

We have an active golf society and a very successful golf team in the Grafton Morrish cup. We also stage hockey, netball and cricket matches with other alumni societies. We are actively looking to build a greater number of sports events during the year – please tell us about your interests and the types of sporting events we should consider!

Careers events:

We coordinate and sponsor careers meetings and lunches to give current pupils the chance to meet and network with OWs, in order to get help and guidance as they consider their future careers. All event details will be published on the OW Network.

Are you organising an event yourself?

We will also actively promote any events coordinated by OWs for OWs. Please contact the Alumni Office or Chairman if you would like an event you are coordinating to be publicised or included in the event calendar.

Want to book a visit or make an enquiry? Please get in touch.

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