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Our People

The entire teaching and leadership community at Woodbridge School are all driven by the same aims, values and ethos to ensure the next generation become everything they are meant to be.

The Head

Shona Norman’s history at the School spans over 20 years, first as an English teacher, then a Deputy Head and now as Head.

It’s more of a family rather than a school relationship. There’s a lot of respect between the students and a huge sense of responsibility.
Shona Norman, Head

The Staff

A dedicated team of experts who inspire learning through their passion for their subjects and develop strong, supportive relationships with every student throughout their journey.

Nicola Mitchell
Head of Woodbridge School Prep
Karl Hayward-Bradley
Deputy Head (Academic)
Ben Capjon
Deputy Head (Pastoral)
Philippa Martin
Deputy Head Woodbridge School Prep
Isobel Brown
Assistant Head (Pastoral)
Ambra Caretta
Assistant Head (Academic)
Chris Patten
Assistant Head (Learning Support & Pupil Development)
David Beasant
Director of Sixth Form
Helen Richardson
Director of Co-Curricular
Richard Pineo
Head of Boarding
Helen Russell
Head of Curriculum at Woodbridge School Prep
The Reverend Canon Ian Wilson

Heads of School

Setting an example and offering support to students in every year group, our Heads of School are a vital part of the relationship between the School and the students.

The Governors

Responsible for decisions about the direction and future of the School, our governors match the staff in the dedication to character, excellence and kindness in our community.

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