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Years 6, 7 and 12 Come Together to Exhibit Their Work at Insight Exhibition

12 Dec 23

Last Thursday our exhibition of artwork by students from Years 6, 7 and 12 from our Prep and Senior School took place in School. Insight was a chance for our students to display and share their work, showcasing their creative journeys; artists and photographers emerging as new versions of themselves.

Year 6 children from our Prep School, used the exhibition as an opportunity to exhibit work from their ‘Artists as Activists’ project. Embodying the ethos of allowing children a voice, art is a channel for them to be themselves, exploring how they can communicate a message to the world – through art. Learning that artists can use art as a way to express their opinions, using skills to speak for sectors of society, children explored how artists acting as activists often use print, because it allows them to duplicate and distribute their message, using a carefully chosen image, offering a powerful way to communicate directly. The key learning for our Year 6 children was that through art as activism we can come together.

For Year 7 students, the exhibition epitomises our ethos as a department, in allowing students to be who they want to be as artists – there is not one specific direction or journey that everyone takes, it’s very individual and the School enables that individuality to grow, develop and flourish. Given a block of wood as their ‘canvas’ they were free to sculpt, draw, print or carve anything they wanted to, so long as their block was transformed, the brief being that it needed to represent a version of themselves.

Year 12 students initiated their first outcome for their Personal Investigation through Insight, the beginning of an ambitious body of work for our A level students. From exquisitely rendered oil portraiture to a tailored military jacket and digital composites, the work created and exhibited was diverse, marking the start of an exciting and fruitful venture for our Sixth Formers.

Joining together in this way, exhibiting their work alongside each other’s, provided an opportunity for our Year 6, 7 and 12 children and students to come together as a community, a value which is integral to our School.

Thank you to everyone who came along and joined us for the exhibition, exploring our students’ work and creativity.

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