Sixth Form Curriculum

All A Levels offered at Woodbridge are equal. Most are in the group called facilitating subjects, which give you the basis to proceed to studying the subject, or a related area, at university and they offer a huge range of degree course options; they are also highly respected by those outside higher education.These subjects also allow you to apply for degrees in more specialist areas such as law. Two facilitating subjects and one other are enough to ensure an offer from the Russell Group universities,so you are able to choose a third subject not from the list of facilitating subjects.The aim is to choose a group of subjects that fits your ability and interests while keeping as many doors open as possible.

We offer a range of other subjects at A Level which are seen as more specialised; it is not that they are less respected or easier subjects. Be aware though that by taking two subjects which are not on the above list, you may be reducing your options beyond school, but we know that for higher education courses in the arts (music, art, drama) two of your A Level subjects may indeed be outside the above list.The choice of subject is clearly a very personal one. If you wish to read the Russell Group’s advice on A Level choices go to:

For the full list of A Level options available for 2020/21, please click here.