Woodbridge School Senior School

Pastoral Care at Woodbridge

Woodbridge has received praise for its exceptional pastoral care, excellent parental links, outstanding contribution to the community, and the overall atmosphere of the School.

This is because our approach to pastoral care extends far beyond just the dedicated experienced team and a suitable structure for dealing with difficulties. Pastoral care at Woodbridge is everywhere: it is on the cricket pitch, in the classroom, it is simply in the ether.

The welfare of every student is paramount, and what Woodbridge offers is a very wide umbrella of care and support for any concern, be it a minor academic worry, or a major life event such as bereavement or divorce.

The strength of the system is the people in it, people who are encouraged to encourage, and who are perceptive in spotting difficulties as they start to arise. Molehills rarely become mountains.

Pupils attend chapel once a week. The chapel is open during the day for pupils who wish to find a space for quiet contemplation, a moment of peace from the busy day.