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OW Poppy Fletcher featured in RAF Air Cadets social media

8 Jan 21

8th January 2021

We could not be prouder of Woodbridge School CCF (RAF) CWO Poppy Fletcher, former Head Girl and now OW, who shares Part 1 of her insights on the Air Cadet Leadership Course on the prestigious RAF Air Cadets social media channels:

Royal Air Force Air Cadets Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/aircadets/posts/10157279325301706

Have you ever considered taking part in the Air Cadet Leadership Course?

Would you like to hear first hand from a cadet who has taken part? CWO Poppy Fletcher from Woodbridge School CCF(RAF) in Suffolk has told us about her experience and perhaps even “you” may want to apply! Applications are now open for this year.

As a L/Cpl she participated in and successfully went on to complete ACLC in 2018. Here she specifically reflects on her thoughts BEFORE the course at RAF College Cranwell…

“Confidence is one of the many attributes that can help you become a great leader and when I was 16 it was something I really struggled with. Whilst I had confidence in the abilities of my cadets in my squadron, I had little confidence in myself. I applied to ACLC to help me gain this confidence and to help me grow as a leader. It also gave me an opportunity to meet people who had the same interests as me. When I applied for the course, I didn’t really know what to expect… I had asked people who had already completed the course – and they said it was great fun!”

“Riddled with both anxiety and excitement, I set off on my train journey to Grantham. On my arrival at the station, there awaited lots of cadets all with oversized bags and all looking just as nervous as I was. Once we got on the coach to RAF Cranwell, my worries started to ease as I made friends with a girl from Aberdeen. She later became part of my flight and I am still friends with her to this very day!

“Before I arrived at RAF Cranwell, I had to complete a series of documents about leadership, but nothing could quite prepared me for what came next. Nevertheless, the unexpected parts are what made it so great. Do not be afraid to get things wrong, remember that your flight and the staff are there to help you through.”

CWO Fletcher’s recollections will continue in the next installment…

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