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Woodbridge School operates 15 school bus services, all of which drop off at, and collect from, the Senior School and The Prep. We aim to be flexible with these services; passengers are able to travel on different daily bus journeys, if required, providing there is space and notice is given. All passenger seats must be booked in advance through the School Administration Office. The Admin team will be happy to discuss your plans and advise the best service(s)/stop to use, and provide costs for the term. Please contact the Administration Manager on 01394 615006 or buses@woodbridgeschool.org.uk for more information.

Regular Passengers

In reserving a place on a bus for their children, parents are reserving a season ticket and we are unable to give credit for an occasional journey not taken. The cost of travel will be charged in arrears on the termly fee bill for the regular journeys reserved. Permanent bus passes are issued to all regular passengers.

Ad-hoc Passengers

Providing space is available that day, we may be able to offer occasional, ad hoc journeys for regular passengers wishing to travel on a day not covered by their season ticket, or for children who do not normally use the bus. Please contact the School Administration Office on 01394 61500 or buses@woodbridgeschool.org.uk to check availability and reserve a place.

Additional Information

  • Permanent bus passes are issued to all regular passengers.
  • Pupils must hold a valid pass, issued by Woodbridge School, when travelling on the school bus.
  • A pass may only be used on the days for which it was purchased and to and from the destination for which it was purchased.
  • A pass is issued for a full day or days, permitting morning and evening travel. There is no discount if a pupil wishes to travel only in the morning or evening.
  • In reserving a place on a bus for your child, you are reserving a season ticket and we are unable to give credit for occasional journeys not taken.
  • A pass is issued for the full academic year and costs will be added to your child’s fee account termly, in arrears.
  • For school minibuses, Year 7 and below children will be kept on the bus if no parent/carer is at the stop to meet them, unless we have written confirmation that the parent/carer is happy for the child to walk home alone.  Additional charges will be levied if a driver has to reroute to accommodate parent/carer lateness.

All Woodbridge School buses are required to meet industry standards regarding safety and maintenance. All are fitted with seatbelts which must be used by pupils at all times. All drivers are carefully screened by the coach companies and DBS certificates have been obtained.