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Scholarship awards help exceptionally talented students to further their education and achieve their goals. Before applying for a scholarship award, you must have been accepted for a place at the School – so make sure you have registered and completed the application form.

Nurturing young talent

We offer scholarship awards at entry into Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12 each year in the following categories:

  • Academic (based on the entrance assessments)
  • All-round ability (based on the entrance procedure)
  • Art (encompassing photography, fashion and sculpture)
  • Chess
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Sport

The number of Awards varies from year to year depending on the results of the entrance tests and scholarships assessments. Awards are made to those entering the Senior School (including Woodbridge School Prep Year 6 pupils), as well as to current pupils moving into Year 9. Some may be awarded on merit as current pupils pass from Year 11 to the Sixth Form.


Purpose of an award

Awards are designed to reward excellence and to celebrate exceptional talent. Awards may be made on an honorary basis (i.e. with no fee reduction), or on a fee reduction basis. With the latter, the Scholar is offered a reduction in the tuition fees for their time at the Senior School at Woodbridge School, subject to the normal terms and conditions of the award and parent contract.

All Woodbridge School, Scholars and holders of awards are expected to uphold the values of the School and the highest of standards, demonstrating exceptional commitment, effort, attitude and behaviour at all times.


Applying for an award

You are asked to indicate on the application form whether you wish to apply for an Award. Details of the application process and relevant assessments will be sent to all who express an interest. We encourage parents of Scholars who anticipate that they will experience difficulty in meeting the balance of the tuition fees, to apply at the same time for one of the School’s means-tested bursaries described below, when they register their child.

Applicants are not able to apply for Academic or All-round awards. Academic awards are made as a result of the tests sat at entry to the Senior School or, for Year 12 applicants, as a condition of predicted GCSE results and the interview process. All-round awards are made as a result of the entrance procedure in its entirety but will also take into account an applicant’s other award applications and interests too.


Award assessments

Academic Awards

Academic Awards are available to pupils entering the Senior School at Years 7, 9 and 12, or currently attending the School and due to enter those Years. Candidates cannot apply for Academic Awards – these are based on the entrance tests results and performance at the Academic Assessment for new pupils, or academic performance to date for current pupils.

All-round Awards

As with Academic Awards, candidates are not able to apply for All-round Awards. Applicants will be considered automatically based on the entrance exam and award assessments, only where they have applied for two or more awards. Candidates must have applied for two or more from the following; art, chess, drama, music and sport.

Art Awards

Art Awards are made to those applicants who possess both a passion and considerable talent concerning Art in either one particular area or in a breadth of disciplines. We understand that the nature of young artists is diverse and that some are driven to excel in a narrow field whilst others flourish in numerous pathways of production. We don’t have a house style and invite applications from innovators in their chosen fields. We have an open mind and will judge each submission on its own merit.

Applicants will be asked to submit a portfolio containing examples of their art works created over the last school year which will be assessed by the School’s Art department staff. Initial applicant selection will be made by looking through the digital submitted work after which suitable applicants will be invited to attend a scholarship workshop with other applicants.

Chess Awards

Chess Awards are available to those with considerable ability who also have a definite commitment to chess at the School. Applicants will be interviewed by the Head of Chess during which he/she will ask for a demonstration of expertise in an opening, basic endgame understanding and ask the applicant to complete a tactical ability test. Applicants will only be considered for an Award if they have played in rapid or longplay chess tournaments previously and in doing will have already obtained an English Chess Federation (ECF) grade or FIDE rating.

Drama Awards

Drama Awards are awarded to applicants with considerable dramatic ability. Applicants will be considered on the basis of their involvement in projects and performances, inside and outside of school, but more importantly on their participation and performance during the workshop as part of the application process. Applicants will be asked to prepare a solo speech and participate in a group workshop with other applicants.

Music Awards

Music Awards are awarded to outstanding musicians who play any instrument and/or sing with exceptional ability or show real potential. Applicants must obtain a specialist reference from their current instrumental/vocal teacher in addition to a reference from their Head or current Director of Music. They will be required to perform two pieces on their main instrument and one piece on a second instrument or sing. Year 7 applicants will also be required to prepare and sing a short song. We may also assess a candidate’s aural ability and/or sight-reading skills. There will be an informal interview with the Director of Music and audition panel, where we will get to know your child and their individual musical experiences and desires.

We are looking for applicants who have a genuine enthusiasm for, and commitment to, their music making and most importantly who display potential. All Music Award holders are expected to make a contribution to our extensive ensemble and performance programme throughout their time at Woodbridge School and be an ambassador for the wonderful world of music.

Sport Awards

We are looking for talented, all-round sportsmen and women who demonstrate ability and also potential in the School’s main sports. Applicants will participate in a sport assessment day involving a number of team sports and physical assessments. Applicants should provide a reference from a current coach in their preferred sports. Successful applicants will be expected to perform to their highest standard and show passion and commitment to sport at the School. They will exhibit a positive attitude to all aspects of PE and Games lessons, extracurricular practices and fixtures. Sports Scholars will strive to be role models and develop their leadership skills in order to inspire their peers.


Dates for September 2023 Admissions

  • Application Deadline for all years – Monday 17 October 2022
  • Bursary & Scholarship Deadline – Monday 31 October 2022
  • Y12 Entrance Exam only – Tuesday 1 November 2022
  • Year 9 Entrance Exam – Tuesday 15 November 2022
  • Year 7 Entrance Exam and Academic Scholarship Exam – Thursday 17 November 2022
  • Y12 Entrance Exams & Academic Scholarship Exam – Friday 18 November 2022
  • Y7 & 12 Academic Award Assessment – Saturday 3 December 2022.
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