Admissions Process for Boarders

When we consider applications for new pupils to join us, we are interested in much more than just academic, sports or art accomplishments. We want to make certain that Woodbridge is the right learning environment for every individual who applies. It gives us great pleasure to watch talented new pupils develop and excel. It gives us just as much pleasure to nurture individuals who will not necessarily reach the top but will achieve great things within their own terms and ambitions.  Our entrance assessments are not designed to be ‘exclusive’. We make every effort to style them in a way that will allow us to learn far more about every child who would like to join us.

Pupils in lesson at Woodbridge School

Our Admissions Team are always more than happy to discuss your child’s personality, skills and attributes to make sure that Woodbridge School will be a great fit for them.

The first step for any child of any age is to complete an application form. Please email and we would be happy to provide you with an application form and talk you through the steps.

How to apply

Thanks to the reputation of boarding at Woodbridge, coupled with the size of the boarding house, we suggest that applications are made as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

At any point during an application, we are always delighted to accommodate a visit to Woodbridge School; a vital step in helping you decide whether Woodbridge is the right place for you. We know that the warm greeting you will receive from both pupils and staff, coupled with the stunning grounds and outstanding facilities, will help make the choice easier.

Boarding students - how to apply to our boarding school.

Applications may be received directly from a prospective pupil’s family or via an agent (preferred route of application). Initial enquiries should be accompanied by:

  • Prospective pupil’s name and date of birth
  • Nationality and copy of passport
  • School reports (current and previous year)
  • Proposed year of entry and length of period of study (e.g. two year A Level course)
  • If prospective pupil is currently studying in the UK, it is helpful to know why they wish to move schools

UK Boarders

Parents are asked to complete the application form and return it, together with the £100 registration fee. Once the form and fee have been received we can arrange for the applicant to sit the entrance papers and attend an interview with the relevant member(s) of staff. Alternatively, we can arrange for the applicant to sit the entrance papers at their current school if this is more convenient.

Entrance Exam Procedures for UK Boarders

Entrance into Year 9

  • 2x Maths papers
  • 2x  English papers
  • 1 x verbal reasoning paper
  • Interview with the Deputy Head (Academic)
  • References from applicant’s current school

Entrance into Year 10

  • Interview with the Deputy Head (Academic)
  • References from applicant’s current school

Entrance into Year 12 (Lower Sixth)

  • Interview with the Deputy Head (Academic)
  • Interview with the Head of Sixth Form
  • Interview with the Headmaster
  • Applicant’s predicted GCSE grades
  • References from applicant’s current school

EU Boarders

It is not necessary for an applicant to come via an agent, however most of our EU boarders do use one of our well-known and trusted agents and we are very happy to put applicants in touch with one of these. As with UK boarder applicants, EU prospective pupils are asked to complete the application form and return it, together with the £100 registration fee.

EU applicants wishing to study for 1 year or less will be asked to attend for an interview, either in person if possible, or via Skype. EU applicants wishing to study for a period of longer than one year will sit the School’s entrance papers. All EU applicants will need to supply school reports and a copy of their passport.

Non-EU Boarders

As with EU boarders, all non-EU boarders should be competent in English and applicants must be able to prove that they have the academic potential to complete their chosen course of study and that their English is acceptable for them to be able to do this. Requirements for ‘English as an Additional Language’, or EAL, will be assessed in advance of entry and lessons timetabled if appropriate. As with UK and EU boarder applicants, Non-EU prospective pupils are asked to complete the application form and return it, together with the £100 registration fee. Once these items have been received we will send the relevant exam papers to the agent, school or British Council office for the applicant to sit. Parents are responsible for making the necessary arrangements (or an agent can assist with this) and for the payment of any costs incurred for the sitting of these tests.

Offer and Acceptance of a Place

Following the marking of an applicant’s exam papers and/or interview, we will then be in a position to notify the agent (or parent) as to whether a place is being offered.

If a place is offered, an acceptance offer letter is sent, together with a request for payment of a deposit to confirm the place.

The acceptance of a place must be confirmed by the payment of a deposit and the completion of the School’s acceptance form by the date specified in the offer letter (normally 21 days from date of letter). The deposit levels are as follows:

  • UK and EU Boarder: £500
  • Non-EU Boarder: One term’s fees

The deposit is refundable against the pupil’s last fee account with the School as stated in the parent contract. Woodbridge has partnered with Flywire to make international payments safe and easy. Flywire allows overseas parents to pay from their own country and own bank. It also offers excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing overseas parents to pay in their home currency (in most cases) and save money, compared to traditional banks. Parents will be able to track the progress of their payments through the transfer process with a student dashboard and email notifications.

Flywire eliminates hidden bank charges and ensures that Woodbridge receives the correct amount due. In most cases parents can make a payment in their home currency and Flywire will process the currency exchange – offering wholesale exchange rate, unmatched by national banks. The service also gives peace of mind as Flywire provide 24 hour multilingual support.

Should parents not wish to use Flywire for the payment of their school fee account then payment may also be made by bank transfer or cheque. Funds must be received (cleared) before the first day of term.

Get in touch with our Admissions Team

Our Admissions team are always happy to help with any questions you have. Please email us: or phone: 01394 615041