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10 May 17

What a fantastic day Year 3 had at Ringsfield Eco Centre last Friday. They arrive to find ancient pendants hanging from the trees. After travelling back in time, through the vortex they were greeted by Ar and Om who had been expelled from their village after allowing the fire to go out.

Relieved to find a new tribe willing to help them they escorted us back to their home in the woods where they showed us how to blow on the embers to relight the fire. They taught ancient skills of weapon making, shelter building, making paints and cooking and foraging.  Having ground flour from seeds we all made Stone Age bread and cooked it in the embers on green 5ticks.

After a hunting game and foraging for berries we returned, via the vortex, to 2017. Smelling of smoke and exhausted many children fell asleep on the coach dreaming of Ar and Om.

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