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Year 10 Design – Three Dimensional Letter Project

11 Mar 24

Considering their design, contemplating materials, finishes, colours and possibly different artist styles that might influence them, our Year 10 Design students have been working on a project to create foot high (30cm x 30cm) 3D letters. The actual letters were chosen at random and assigned to students, but the design, look, feel and finish of each letter is entirely down to the creativity, imagination and execution of different techniques by the students.

There really is no limit to what they could use to create. From a range of plastic, wood, metal or any other materials they choose to use, which theme, colours or design, this brief offers the opportunity of not only freedom and individuality, but for students to learn and expand on visualisation and execution; working their way towards an end, finished product that will be displayed in the corridors of the Design department alongside fellow students’ work, eventually spelling out the words ‘three dimensional design’.

Scarlet described the thought process behind her letter design,

“Before I even started thinking about materials or colours, I did some rough drawings to help me decide what I wanted my focus and theme to be, and I decided on nature. I then spent time drawing out various designs, reducing it down to four or five finals that I really liked. Then I roughly made them all out of cardboard to see what I thought about each of them; this really helped me to visualise what I wanted the end product to be, helped me decide on the final design, colours and materials. Without this process I think you could start creating and then change your mind several times, so this was really useful.”

She continued,

“We were given plenty of time so we could really think about what we wanted to do, research artists and influences we had in our minds, and challenge ourselves to create something really special. You soon realise that some of the ideas you have in your head, that you’ve drawn out – just won’t work, for various reasons.”

Scarlet’s final design is called ‘Under the Sea’ and she’s creating a hollow letter which will feature wildlife suspended within the letter so it looks like it’s floating, as it would under water. She’s using different materials to create creatures to feature in the design, working with the laser cutter to cut them out and considering using resin and possibly welding when it comes to finishing and fixing. “I’m having loads of fun and really enjoying the independence on this project; the teacher is always there if we need help or advice, or just want to talk something through – full of ideas that inspire us. I’ve learned so many new skills on this project so far, lots of different techniques – and learned about materials and how they can be used, as well as how they can’t be!”

Across the classroom, students had chosen completely different materials, designs and techniques to create their letters, encouraged to try new tools, materials and develop new skills all while considering their end product and how they were going to create what they had visualised.

Mrs Cracknell, Head of Design commented on the project,

“This project is perfect for Year 10, as it further consolidates the fundamental aspects of achieving a successful project. Students must work through a design process that clearly evidences their idea development through to final manufacture. The fact that the final piece is a 3D letter enables students to inject creativity and imagination into an initially mundane starting point. From what I have seen so far, the students have been creating some really great original ideas, with varying levels of complexity and challenge.”

Having chosen the artist Charles Clary for her inspiration, Elodie commented on her thoughts on the project so far, working on the letter I,

“I joined Woodbridge just before Christmas last year, so I’ve had a lot to catch up on, but I am thoroughly enjoying Design – in the past lessons were very prescriptive, whereas here I’m enjoying the freedom and independence this project offers, as well as the responsibility it’s encouraging me to have and take for my own development and work in terms of the letter creation.”

She continued,

“I’ve chosen layered levels since I’m focusing on the design style of Charles Clary, using different materials to create height and texture in my design. I’ve been practicing with cardboard to make sure my design works and looks how I want it to before I begin creating in wood. I haven’t made all my decisions regarding colours and other textures and possibly materials I want my design to feature, but that’s part of the process, you can change your mind as your design comes to life, making different decisions along the way which you think will improve upon the original design and visualisation you had in your mind earlier in the project. We’ve quite a lot of time on this project, so we can really think about what we’re doing, there’s no rush, but still an ultimate deadline. If we want to come in at lunchtime or after School, to DT clinics we can. There’s so much support and so many resources we have access to, I’m absolutely loving this!”

Looking ahead to when all students have created and finished their letters, we’re excited to see them displayed for all to see; to see the thoughts, creativity and individuality of everyone reflected in their individual letters as well as the piece as a whole. Bringing letters to life, offering perspective, shadows and texture, featuring a host of different design principles, colours and curves, these letters will create a visual experience for anyone visiting the department and will certainly be something our students can be proud of.

For more information, visit Creative and Graphic Design Studies.

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