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U13 Girls Win County Rounders Championships

23 Jun 17

Played 5
Won 4
Lost 1

V Hartismere won 7½  – 2½
V KEGS won 6½ – 5
V Chantry lost 5½ – 6
V Ormiston Academy, Sudbury won 8½ – 5
V Thomas Mills won 6 – 5

We travelled to Sudbury feeling confident but knowing that anything can happen during a tournament! We knew we had to try and score on every ball as there were only 20 good balls per innings. It was a very hot day but the girls were concentrating well and understood the tactics involved. Olivia Buchanan’s bowling was exceptional, the ball had very little pace and came in at a steep angle so the competition had real problems connecting with the ball so they were unable to hit the ball any distance. Clara Simpson made some excellent catches and was quick to cover 3rd post. On second post Molly Marshall was superb, flinging herself at every ball so she could stump multiple people out at second. At fourth post Ariane had good catches and managed to stop rounders being scored. As backstop Jess Elmer threw accurately and closed the game down quickly. In the deeps the girls covered any decent hits effectively, fielding the ball into second post or third post to prevent rounders being scored. Once in bat the girls were ferocious. Olivia, Clara, Ella Walker, Molly, Olivia Bedford and Emily White sending the ball miles. It was a very exciting competition with some interesting moments, but the girls deserved their victory.

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