The Philosopher’s Stone

…And the search for enlightenment, or for knowledge of the unknowable.  Or just for a happy ending?  With charming and beguiling grace our five players set the scene: a family full of love and hope but few prospects seeking solace in each other and in storytelling.  And what a story… the separated talents left searching fruitlessly without ‘sight’; the sightless searcher succeeding through unshakeable belief.  One may fail, one may be thwarted; but with belief comes the courage to continue, to be resilient, and ultimately to find.  The story’s end saw its family reunited and the philosopher’s stone secured; the story’s message saw the storytellers’ hopes renewed, and a feeling that their prospects are on the turn.  Here’s to their success, to their prosperity, and, ultimately, to their love for each other!  Hurrah!

Many congratulations to our Sixth Form quintet on their beautifully wrought rendering of this uplifting folk tale – they brought wit and warmth, and a glorious burst of springtime to a chilly March evening!