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Tell Tale

2 Dec 16

Wise beyond their years, the junior cast took an enraptured audience on a journey across continents and beyond the realm of the living as it explored myths and legends from Serbia, India and Greece.  Tell Tale…

Wealth and worldly goods come to the generous of heart: I thought that was to be Serbian Vila’s Mountainous message… but then the easy platitude dropped away to reveal an altogether deeper plea to us to live not just for ourselves but for others, and not just once but as a matter of course.  We mourned the father, but delighted in redemptive self discovery out of the despair of loss.  No such easy transition for Orpheus, stripped of his love by a debt unknown but brutally called in.  There again, this was a powerful love not to be thwarted by mere death, and here the poignancy of memory as a warming comfort was enough to ease the helplessness of physical loss. No morals to ponder from India, but instead a witty and delightful twist in the tale redolent of Roald Dahl (though perhaps not quite so macabre) to resolve local difficulties with noisy teenagers.  Much more effective than ASBOs.  And rounded off with a nod to Slumdog Millionaire to help us remember that not all boys are necessarily boisterous.  And then back to Serbia, and seven little Vlachs, five brothers, two Tzars, a beautiful daughter, and trouble with the neighbours.  To think that all it takes to resolve a problem is to say nothing… wise words indeed – or no wise words indeed.  There again, fun and games are not enough for friendships beyond fair weather.  I think the boys got what they deserved.  As did mum.  Good for her!  And good for all the actors across four immensely enjoyable performances brought together so cleverly for us by Mrs Brett and OWs Flora Douglas and Harry Salter.  Congratulations one and all.

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