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22 Nov 17

Kirton Church Hall was full to bursting on Friday night: the residents clearly remembered the previous visit of our Swing Band, and they were keen to relish an equally wonderful reprise. And the evening proved to be that and more – far more!

With the full band top and tailing the concert, as well as opening the second half, with a heady mix of the familiar, the jaunty, the lyrical and the boisterous, we were treated additionally to a rich and eclectic quartet of smaller groups: the Saxophone Ensemble, the Brass Ensemble, Trombosis (Mr Shepherd particularly proud to have a sextet of trombones to present!) and Lewis Chinn’s brainchild The Second Line Band playing Sweet Dreams.

One of the delights of the Swing Band concerts, above and beyond the supreme musicianship on offer, is the opportunity they offer our young players to take little solos within the pieces, some pre-written, some more improvised – but all adding a touch of personality to the renditions. The ripples of applause which greet them are part of the style of swing and jazz, and in this case presaged far more prolonged applause at the end. Encore, encore! And they did! Many congratulations one and all – players and conductor – for a quite fantastic evening, one which left the Master of Ceremonies almost lost for words. Almost, but not quite – enough certainly to deliver abundant gratitude and huge admiration in equal measure.

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