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Legacy Donations and
The 1662 Society

It’s been Woodbridge School’s mission and honour to provide an excellent education to gifted young people in our local community since 1662. To honour everyone who has helped us with donations in their will, we established the 1662 Society.

Play a future role in helping the School

Woodbridge School helps children to develop academically, creatively and empathetically in order to become happy, resilient and well-balanced young men and women with the self-belief to overcome life’s challenges. But we wouldn’t be able to do this without help.

Our long heritage since 1662 has been supported in no small part by many generous benefactors over the centuries. We’ve been fortunate and privileged to have been included in the list of bequests following the passing of people with a love of Woodbridge, and we offer sincere thanks to all those who have made donations in recent times.

Would you consider leaving a small sum to the School in your will?

The decision to leave a legacy gift is a big one. When making your will, your family and friends come first. When you have provided for all the important people in your life, you may then wish to consider a gift to the school. Whatever the size, all gifts are gratefully received and deeply valued by current and future generations of Woodbridgians.

Recognising your gift: the 1662 Society

We greatly appreciate all those who want to make a legacy gift, and want to publicly record our gratitude where possible. 

If you make a legacy pledge, then your name will be included in our 1662 Society, honouring all those who have chosen to be involved in the School in this way. Each member will receive a token of our gratitude, together with named recognition within the School, if desired, and the early opportunity to learn of plans for the School’s future.

Help us to help our students

Have you, a member of your family or a close friend benefited from life at Woodbridge School? Or have you seen how businesses or other organisations have been positively impacted by having an Old Woodbridgian on their staff? 

If you’d like to enable us to continue to deliver life-shaping tutoring, guidance, facilities and experiences, simply get in touch with our Finance Department and a member of staff will be happy to talk over your intentions and the next stages. 

Alternatively, our official booklet for the 1662 Society provides full details about leaving a legacy to Woodbridge School in your will, and includes an initial legacy pledge form.

Any queries?

If at any time you would like to discuss your plans in confidence, please contact: 

Shona Norman
(Head, Woodbridge School)
Tel: 01394 615002

Want to book a visit or make an enquiry? Please get in touch.

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