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    Safer Internet at home - a site that makes parental controls easy.

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    has been recommended to me by a number of reputable authorities - take control of the Internet access that your kids have at home.

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    BBC News highlights concern over sexting

    e-Safety: BBC News posted this article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33126718 highlighting the issues around sexting and giving links to CEOP's advice for parents and carers. An interesting read.

    A quick link to the ThinkUKnow page is here ThinkUKnow.

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    Data Security - what happens to your data when you delete it?

    Interesting article on the photography website PetaPixel about what you should do when you dispose of old computer equipment and electronic devices - and what happens when you "delete" data. 


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    E-Safety - ask.fm

    ask.fm has been in the news for some less than wholesome reasons over the past year. My observation is that ask.fm has waned in popularity with teenagers over the year, but here is a useful guide for parents from ask.fm in case you are interested/concerned: Ask+fm+-+Guide+for+Parents

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    E-Safety - SnapChat

    As with Instagram, SnapChat is incredibly popular with school age children. It is a service that allows users to take a picture or short video and send it to another user. The recipient has up to 10 seconds to view the image, after which it is deleted. This instant-gratification-with-no-long-term-consequences nature of SnapChat has been its most appealing feature, but this does have downsides that have been widely publicised - particularly to do with young people sending sometimes inappropriate images of themselves to people they know.  That it is easily possible for the recipient to capture and store the images they've received has been less widely known until recently. This raises the possibility of images that the sender thought would be instantly deleted being shared and getting much wider distribution - with the inevitable embarrassment and reputational damage that may result.

    Here's a useful guide for parents all about SnapChat from the folks at SnapChat themselves. Students might like to read it too.


    A recent article I posted on Fronter for the pupils to read:

    SnapChat is in the news - thousands of pictures leaked online - with more to come. 

    As we've been pointing out for some time now, SnapChat isn't anywhere near as safe and anonymous as its users think it is. On Sunday 12th October 100 000 images from SnapChat apps were leaked online via a forum, with many more pictures to be released over the coming months. Hackers say that they've got 13 GB of users' data to give away - is it yours? If you must use SnapChat, stick to the OFFICIAL APP - do NOT use clones or 3rd party apps with SnapChat.

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    E-Safety - Instagram

    Instagram is an incredibly popular app and service amongst smartphone users in general and school-age children in particular. It does need to be used with some care, however. The advice I've given students via Fronter is as follows:

    Check your privacy settings: MOST USERS should keep their posts private. Remember that this affects other users - if your posts are not private, their pictures can become public when you like them. This upsets people.

    DON'T put your snapchat/kik/BBM usernames on your public Instagram profile. This is asking for trouble.

    How do I make my account private? Follow this link to find out: http://help.instagram.com/116024195217477

    Advice for parentshttp://help.instagram.com/154475974694511/

    Safety tips from Instagramhttp://help.instagram.com/369001149843369

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    E-Safety - guides for parents and pupils

    Welcome to the first of an on-going series of posts by the School's Head of E-Safety, Jim Hillman.

    There are a number of useful sites providing guidance for parents and pupils about staying safe online.

    For parents I recommend: Get Safe Online

    For parents and their children: Thinkuknow

    Safety net Kids

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