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Science Trip to Leiston Film Theatre

Science Trip to Leiston Film Theatre

6 Jan 16

By Ruby Cole

Before Christmas, we went to Leiston Film Theatre to see Lab Live hosted by EDF energy.  There were two acts: one was about micro science and one about the circus of science.  They were both very inspiring and I really enjoyed seeing them.

The micro science was very interesting as we looked at pixels inside a phone and we also looked at what different animals looked like under the microscope.  They looked really unrecognisable when they were under the microscope. The presenter who was telling us about micro science had to wear a special suit to make sure that no hair or skin could get onto the microscope because that could ruin his sample.

The other show was on forces like gravity, friction, pushing and pulling and twisting. The presenter was amazing at juggling and he was telling us that forces only work in pairs.  He also got one of the teachers to come up and he put a cup of water onto a tray and then he told the teacher to rock the tray side to side and then do a circle and the cup didn’t fall off because there was a balanced force. He also told us about air resistance, and that two different shapes might fall at different speeds.  Then he showed us a clip on the moon and the two shapes dropped at same speed.  That’s because there was virtually no resistance. The last thing he did was amazing: he got onto a massive unicycle and he was juggling at the same time and he said if he kept the unicycle level with him he would stay on. [The editor adds that he reckons there’s more to it than that having never lasted as much as one second upright on one wheel… and he even has trouble on two from time to time]

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