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School Farm Fair in Suffolk

School Farm Fair

12 May 15

On Thursday 23 April The Abbey’s Year 4 pupils went to the School Farm Fair held at Trinity Park in Ipswich – here are some short reports of their experience.IMG_2495

George Na Nakhorn: Trinity Park got its name from the three Suffolk stone statues, three also means tri. We went into a big barn and saw lots of animals. I held a duck and it fell asleep in my hand. Afterwards we looked at some horses and beagles.

Caitlyn Maggs: We saw a helicopter taking off. After that we went to the potato council, we answered 5 questions and got to eat some potatoes. Then we went to a barn and held some ducklings and chicks. It was so much fun at the School Farm Fair.IMG_2494

Ada Marson: There were hundreds of buses there from different schools. First we went to the food tent – there were lots of different stands. There was an Otley college stand – they talked about worms. There was an electricity stand where you had to find all the dangers involved with electricity. There was a milk stand and they had a cow that you could milk. Then we saw all the farm machinery and went to the potato council and had to get 5 questions right. Then because we got all the questions right we got to eat some potatoes. We also got a puzzle. We also saw sheep being weighed.

IMG_2491Arun Nayar: When we got there we went into a big tent and we looked at stalls. The first stall my group went to was a stall with seeds, we got to try the seeds, they were nice. Then we went to a stall about worms –  it was interesting. After  awhile we went outside. We went to a stall where we had to match the food to the crops. Then we went to a Weetabix council. I had a race against George to see who could build the highest Weetabix tower.

Amy Thornley: We went to a bee- keeping tent and we felt a big bit of an unpopulated hive. Next we IMG_2490saw a real hive in a bit of glass, the queen bee was painted with a hint of yellow so we could locate her. We saw the queen bee laying eggs in her hive, she managed to lay 1 in 5 seconds. This was just the start! We went to see the animals – there were cows, pigs, sheep, goats, lamas, and even chicks that you can hold. The sheep were the best, they were soft, cute and woolly!

IMG_2489Amelie Field: My favourite bit was when we were all watching a dog show whilst we were eating lunch. My favourite out of all the dogs we saw were the Labradors and the Spaniels. I loved to see them jump over the gate to get a toy.

Joshua Turner: My group went to hold the ducklings first. It was great fun, they even went to sleep inIMG_2485 our jackets! They were all so warm and furry. Afterwards we had lunch. It was really nice. While we were eating we were watching some dogs performing.

Sophie Fry: We went to the munchy seed stall, the electricity stall, the olive oil stall and the potato council. We held chicks, stroked dogs, saw alpacas, baby piglets and lambs. Then we went back to school, it was an eventful day!


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