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President’s Blog Monday 4 September 2017

4 Sep 17

Almost déjà vu, but I have  been a president once before but that was of the University of St Andrews French Society in 1977: a mere four decades ago.  As the new President of the Old Woodbridgians, to follow luminaries such as Mike Weaver, Mark Mitchels and Huw Turbervill, all legends albeit in different ways,  is a quite unexpected honour.  I have kept in touch with only a few friends and acquaintances from school and university days but it is always fun to see them again.  They knew me before I became responsible and sensible and it’s good to hear their memories of events and people; surprisingly often they are from a different angle from mine, and therefore really interesting.

Some people dread the word ‘reunion’.  “I was terrible at school”, “I don’t want to see the majority of my year!” have occasionally been extreme reactions.  The OW events I have attended have been joyous occasions despite the misgivings the attenders may have had, with people rekindling friendships, discovering that their peers aren’t quite who they thought they were and above all, having a laugh; you can do that about your teenage years some decades on.  In my case I can laugh about the young teacher I was when I discovered Woodbridge School in 1985.

To have an organisation such as the Old Woodbridgians to bring you together with people you shared the school with is an amazing asset.  I look forward to seeing you at some of the events this year.

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