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President’s Blog: June 2015

30 Jun 15

First things first – the OW Dinner at school is on SATURDAY, 19th SEPTEMBER. This is a great occasion for meeting long-lost friends and stirring distant memories. There is also a superb meal and a chance to relax in school!

Now then, Robert Turner asked me to look out photographs of the 1980s and 1990s as that’s the theme of this year’s gathering. It is hoped to project these pictures in a loop throughout the evening! Following his instructions I spent a most enjoyable morning in the Seckford Archives (in Seckford Street, of course), working my way through two decades of WOODBRIDGIANS kindly provided by the resident archivist Harriet, to whom many thanks.

What a trip down memory lane! Before I get to the pupils let me just mention the staff: during those years the school welcomed and bid farewell to several Headmasters all of whom received the appropriate kind words. And for better or worse they had to endure their entire Speech Day report being reported, complete with jokes. There were scores of staff some of whom flitted across the Woodbridge scene and others who stayed long enough (too long?) to make their status “legendary”. There was even a Royal visit – Princess Anne is shown touring the music school and meeting the Great and the Good.

But of course the pupils rightly dominate the magazines. Music, drama, sport, CCF, Exchanges, tours and lots more all documented with varying degrees of quality – thank goodness the Editor changed the printers because the early photographs were poorly reproduced. There are faces looking out which I had not thought about for many years and suddenly there they were – and memories (all good) flooded back. Over 400 photos must mean you are on at least one of them! So there you go – if you join us for the Dinner you too will realise just how much of a part Woodbridge School and its community played in your life.

Please check the web site and order your tickets now. We look forward to meeting you again!

Mark Mitchels

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