Year 1

In Year 1 topic based learning offers the children an exciting and fun way to learn about new subjects across the curriculum. It provides children with an opportunity to explore subjects in greater depth in a hands-on memorable way.

For example the topic “In the Garden” provides the children with the opportunity to build mini-beast homes in our extensive school grounds and visit the local ‘Foxburrow Farm’ for a day of pond-dipping and mini-beast hunting. In art the children look at the work of wildlife artists, and in DT create beautiful 3 D mini-beasts for themselves.

Throughout Year 1 the children have daily phonic sessions where they are taught to word build, decode and sight-read a wide range of vocabulary.  This is then applied in spelling and all forms of written work.

The focus from the beginning of Year 1 is to ensure that the children use the correct letter formation, and they are taught daily how to join letters and develop a fluid handwriting style.

The children are taught maths in a fun, practical way using the outside environment whenever possible. Maths is taught daily and within some lessons the children will use laptops or the interactive board to reinforce and extend their learning.