A Co-educational Independent School in Suffolk for ages 4 to 18

Pre Prep School Testimonials

  • This year we are celebrating World Book Day on Thursday, 1 March and we would like you to join us in helping your child to make the most of this special occasion.  World Book Day celebrates the joy and worth of books and reading, especially for children.  At the beginning of the week every child will receive a £1 World Book Day Book Token that can either be exchanged for one of ten special £1 World Book Day books or used to get £1 off any book costing £2.99 or more.  The visiting Book Fair will be in school the following week if your child wishes to save their token until then.  You can find out more about the books at worldbookday.com/books. On Thursday, 1 March we would like to invite children to come to school dressed as their favourite book character.  The costume can be as simple or as elaborate as you like!  You can find some costume ideas here: worldbookday.com/dressing-up.  If you would like to, children can donate £1 to ‘Book Aid International’ (www.bookaid.org) and help send books to children in African countries where access to reading material is limited.  We would also like to invite children to bring to school their favourite book to share with their class.  You can join us in building your child’s enthusiasm for books well beyond World Book Day by reading together regularly and joining your local library if you are not yet members.  For more information about World Book Day and ideas on sharing books at home, visit worldbookday.com. In addition to World Book Day, lots more exciting events will be taking place during the week.  This will include a visit from Mr and Mrs Twit in Monday morning’s assembly in addition to other whole school events and challenges involving Queens House and The Abbey. http://www.worldbookday.com/

    World Book Day – Thursday 1 March 2018
  • We are delighted to announce Nicola Mitchell as our new Head of The Abbey & Queen’s House from September 2017. Nicola is currently Deputy Head at Orley Farm School, a large prep school in North London, where she was previously Deputy Head (Academic) and Head of Pre-prep. Before that she taught at Edge Grove School where she was, at various times, Head of Geography, Head of Girls’ Games and Director of Studies. We were impressed with Nicola’s range of experience with a particularly strong focus on excellence in teaching and learning. She has a clear vision for education which is nurturing, challenging and rounded and she was able to demonstrate a dynamic track record of leadership and management, ensuring that change was managed purposefully but sensitively. However, it was her clear pupil centred approach, focusing on the welfare and success of every child, that made her stand out from the large pool of candidates who applied for the job. She was very clear that every decision must be determined by the best interests of the children. Nicola has three children, all of whom will be at either Woodbridge Senior School or The Abbey. She is a keen sportswoman (horse riding, skiing and swimming) and has recently learnt to play chess! I am sure we all look forward to welcoming her and her family to the Woodbridge community in the near future.

    New Head of The Abbey & Queen’s House
  • “Thank you for giving [our son] the opportunity to discover and learn, to have fun, to explore, to play, to find himself once again – and know that he can trust and be trusted, enjoy and be enjoyed,smile and find contentment.”

  • “[Our daughter] has loved her year at Queen’s House and I can’t thank you enough for all your care, patience and understanding. Many, many thanks.”

  • “Thank you for such a fabulous start to school life. We feel very lucky and privileged to have gone to Queen’s House. You are all GREAT.”

  • “Thank you ‘Team Queen’s’!! [Our son] has thrived and loved it! We will miss you all.”

  • “Thank you all for the love, kindness and guidance given to my boys!”

  • “Many thanks for giving [our daughter] a great start to school life! She has loved every minute!”

  • “Thank you so much for taking care of [our son]. Words are never enough! We’ll all miss you.”

  • “Wow, what a fab three years. Thank you so much for all you have done with [our daughter].”