We inspire…

Everything we do at Woodbridge school Prep is underpinned by our commitment to five key objectives:

  • putting numeracy and literacy and  at the heart of our learning programme
  • encouraging a love of learning
  • developing a child’s imagination, creativity and sensitivity
  • fostering self-esteem, self-discipline and self-confidence
  • helping each child to become self-aware and, through this awareness, to work easily with others.

We follow the Foundation Curriculum and the National Curriculum which, together with the wider curriculum, offer a broad and balanced education for the early years. To achieve all of this, we have small classes and a team of skilled Early Years Practitioners who understand how young children learn.

A broad curriculum, underpinned by literacy, numeracy, and ICT skills, provides opportunities to develop the child’s creativity and self-expression. Music, art, poetry, drama, sport, food technology and French all feature prominently as well as a range of after school activities including chess, ballet, tennis and karate.

School trips, workshops and Book/Art Days provide added variety to a stimulating curriculum.