Life at Woodbridge Pre-Prep

The role the School plays in a child’s development and learning is fundamental. It is at the Pre-prep that our children take their first important steps into the world of school and it is of paramount importance to us that this is a positive and rewarding experience for children and their parents alike. We aim to give our pupils the opportunities for learning, both academically and socially, which will form firm foundations for their development through The Prep and the Senior School. We aim to bring out the very best in each child.

We do this by:

  • encouraging all children
  • teaching with creativity, enthusiasm and wisdom
  • promoting good behaviour and empathy for one another
  • nurturing the children and providing emotional support
  • involving parents, and
  • liaising with The Abbey to ensure a smooth transition.

We provide a broad, balanced and high quality education which is aimed at developing the children socially, intellectually and physically. A creative approach to the curriculum enables children of all abilities to become excited to discover knowledge and skills and to embark on a lifelong approach to learning. We aim to give children the confidence to achieve in all areas of school life and to have fun with their learning, whilst placing a strong emphasis on early development of basic skills for reading, writing and maths. Personal, social and emotional development is just as important and we ensure that children learn good manners, develop the ability to share, learn to care for others and take on responsibility from a young age. Promoting the self-confidence and self-esteem of our children within a happy and caring atmosphere is central to the teaching and learning at the Woodbridge Pre-prep.