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Oliver Laxton and Year 6 perform Oliver’s Own Play ‘We’re History’

Pupil Oliver Laxton delighted an audience of Abbey staff and pupils last week as he and a number of other Year 6 pupils performed Oliver’s own play, “We’re History”. Oliver wrote the play himself, an outstanding achievement, and was delighted to see it brought to life by his friends.

Here Oliver describes this is his own words;

On Wednesday 15 March, a most spectacular event was held in the hall at 9.30!

Oliver Laxton and his merry cast of 15 had set to work a month earlier, to perform a historical play which Oliver himself had written! The play, appropriately named ‘We’re History’ was a 45 minute long portrayal of historical comedy, including make-shift meat, furry crowns, fat alcoholic kings and a battle axe/guitar, ending with a finale of Elvis Presley,David Bowie, and Michael Jackson, and finishing with ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen. The Cast were literal ‘starmen’. It was an absolute ‘thriller’ and we were left ‘doggedly’ begging for more!

Huge Congratulations to Oliver; To write a play whilst in Year 6 is a fantastic achievement, and even more special when it is brought to life on the stage.