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29 Sep 17

As part of National Poetry Day the children shared some of their own poems with the class. Many of these have been submitted to the Woodbridge Young Poets Competition. Good luck to all of the Abbey Pupils who have entered. For those that haven’t there is still time…The deadline for entries is this coming Monday. http://www.woodbridgeschool.org.uk/woodbridgeyoungpoets2017

Poem by James Hattan, Age 10, Year 6, The Abbey If I owned a time machine …. If I owned a time machine I`d go back 6 billion years ago When the Big Bang created the Earth, Well that’s what we think, we will never know Next, I`d go to Stone Age times, when they hunted with their spears They would kill woolly mammoths, rabbits and sometimes deers After that I’d go to Ancient Egypt and meet Tutankhamun, their holy master That was until he died, and when he did it was a disaster I’d go and see the ancient mummies, wrapped in white bandages and well preserved I`d fascinate at all their wealth and carefully observe Next I`d go to Roman times and see the gladiators fight I`d see it in the Coliseum, man against the Lions bite   After that I’d go to Anglo Saxon times, they had a ruler too King Raedwald was his name, he died and was found buried at Sutton Hoo I think I’d go to Shakespeare’s Globe now I’d go and see Macbeth Shakespeare wasn’t for everyone, in most of his plays there was a gory death World War 1 and World War 2, England goes to war Peace was broken and nobody was happy any more Last of all I’d go and see Neil Armstrong take off to the moon No one knew what he would find One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind Now I’d go back to my present self and I wouldn’t believe what I saw was true But if I owned a future machine I know what I would do ….
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