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MUN Delegations

1 Mar 18

The Woodbridge School MUN delegations had a wonderful time and success at the iX Felsted Conference.

We were fortunate enough to make up the delegations of The Netherlands, Costa Rica and part of the Spanish delegation. Various topics were up for debate, ranging from the empowering of women to achieve global equality all the way to the promotion of clean energies, or the nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

Out of the ten Woodbridge students that took part five had their resolutions passed, with many others making vital contributions in solving some of these key issues. Abigail Crane and Chris Long out shone all competition in their respective committees (health and environment) and left the conference honoured as highly commended delegates. Benjamin Weston and Josh Cole were also noted as commended delegates a very noble achievement. The team (also consisting of Joshua Bradbeer, Mary Godfrey, Daniella Elman, Samuel Newman and myself) at this conference was quite mixed in terms of experience, and for many it was their first time.

Regardless of awards it would be fair to say every pupil that took part, was able to walk away from the conference having developed not only their confidence when speaking in front of a large audience, about something which they were perhaps previously unfamiliar or from perspectives other than their own, but also their knowledge and passion for understanding the way in which the world works.

As we strive to move forward and be a part of transforming our world for the better and as we develop not only our skills but our acceptance of others.

Callum Sycamore

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