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MUN Delegation Conference

8 Mar 24

Woodbridge Model United Nations delegation can report that last weekend’s conference was full of fruitful debate.  Year 12’s Bruce attended and reports on the conference. 

Bruce, Year 12 

The Woodbridge School MUN Team is grateful for the opportunity to debate a range of topics at our last MUN Conference with an overall focus on promoting peace and justice across the globe.  

Our team does not come home empty handed; with three delegates being awarded of the highest order – highly commended – Year 13’s Kitt, Year 10’s Bea and myself, along with two delegates coming away with an equally impressive commended award – Year 12’s Ronnie and Year 13’s James. The debate was incredibly competitive with all other delegates: Year 12’s Ariana, Charlotte H, Georgie, Oscar W and Hugh, with Year 10’s Maxim and Year 9’s Oscar D contributing to discussion greatly.   

In the Human Rights committee Bea and Ariana argued for ensuring the freedom of speech in a digital age.  Myself and Maxim debated issues in the Economic and Social Committee related to AI in job markets and co-presented a resolution tackling hyperinflation in a global economy and whilst encouraging foreign investment in developing countries to promote economic equality.   

In the Historic Security Council, James formed solutions to the Sino-Indian War, and  the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Algerian Independence War. James took a leading position representing the UK, bringing delegates together to form solutions to these problems. In the Security Council, Kitt debated incredibly pertinent issues such as the implementation of the Two-State solution in Israel-Palestine.    

Moving to the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, Hugh and Oscar debated futuristic solutions to the recycling of space waste and the extraction of outer planetary resources.  In the Health committee Georgie and Charlotte acted on the universal right to health coverage and reducing antibiotic dependence.   

In the Ecology and Environment committee, Ronnie and Oscar Denvir held companies accountable for ecological damages and enforced carbon taxes to reduce environmental damage.   

The MUN buzz was with us throughout the two-day conference, and rest assured we will be bringing it with us back to Woodbridge!  

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