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Meet Celia and Rosalind, Shakespeare On The Lawn

25 May 23

Year 9 students have been rehearsing for this year’s Shakespeare On The Lawn As You Like It, and this week we met up with Celia and Rosalind, otherwise known as Isabella and Eloise.

These two characters find themselves together in the forest, Rosalind our heroine and Celia her cousin, having fled the persecution of Rosalind’s Uncle together. As the character Jaques speaks, ‘All the world’s a stage…’ One of Shakespeare’s most famous speeches, these students talk to us about their experience so far and what they’re looking forward to about performing on our Chapel lawn on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 July 2023 – tickets on sale soon!

Isabella, Celia

“I auditioned for the play because I felt it would be the perfect opportunity to show my love of drama, and to be part of this amazing performance – no matter what role I got! I was shocked to have been given the part of Celia mostly because there are so many amazing drama students in Year 9, so I couldn’t believe that I’d been chosen!

Subtle but speaks her mind, Celia is always looking out for the best interest of others, she’s just so kind and innocent, but also quite naïve – and it can be difficult to predict her moods and actions. She treats her cousin Rosalind like she’s a sister, I love their relationship and hope to share this special bond with the audience through our performance.

The direction of the performance is so reassuring, it helps me to make sure I’m playing the part to the best of my ability, that I understand what I need to share with and show the audience, and one of the reasons I love rehearsals so much. As soon as one is over I can’t wait to start the next.

I’m particularly looking forward to the props being introduced, and the costumes. It’s going to look and feel wonderful.

With lots of my family and friends coming to support me in July, I really want to show them as well as everyone else coming to see the show, that I can play this amazing role and do it justice.”

Eloise, Rosalind

I love Shakespeare, and so I was super keen to audition for the play. Acting and drama are my passions, so this opportunity felt perfect. I’ve been watching and wanting to take part in Shakespeare On The Lawn for so long, I’m so excited to be part of it this year.

At first I felt quite overwhelmed when given the role of Rosalind, I really didn’t expect to be given such a big part, even though I really wanted one! I love the character, she’s brave but elegant, humorous and some of her lines are brilliantly beautiful.

I’m going to be careful not to play the character too seriously, because after all, this is a comedy, and I want the audience to see and feel that.   

I love working with Ms Mayes in rehearsals, they’re going really well and every time I feel I’m developing my character more and more; it’s all coming together too, and we’re now starting to see and feel the performance as one piece.  I get a complete rush out of performing, and I can’t wait for some of my scenes – beautiful lines and glamourous costumes to bring the entire play to life. 

Extra-Shakespeare is a true passion of mind, and I have no doubt that this amazing cast shall do one of my favourite plays justice.  I hope especially that Rosalind will please everyone and they will love her as much as I do!” 

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