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Living and learning at Woodbridge School – Weekly boarding

I’d boarded at another School locally before coming to Woodbridge, so I knew what to expect, but I also knew what I wanted to be different – and I definitely found it here.  Previously, as a weekly boarder, the facilities and support were somewhat lacking, I wanted to feel part of the School, and enjoy a variety of facilities over and above those I might find at home.

Not only are the School House facilities and support what I need, but boarders at Woodbridge are very much integrated into the School.  There’s no separation, no ‘them and us’ and no one has different privileges or access to facilities and support over another student whether they board or not – and my bedroom is much bigger, which is important to me!

Weekly boarding offers me the opportunity to get to know people, experience new things and take accountability and responsibility for myself and my education, something my Mother was very much in favour of!  I can see and feel the changes in my behaviour, habits and routines since joining Woodbridge, and it’s all really positive.  I get a good balance of everything through weekly boarding; I can immerse myself in School, co-curricular activities and clubs during the week and then get to go home see my family and friends at the weekends.

Boarding has also helped develop my English language significantly which directly impacts on my education and future prospects.  Really the only issue I have with weekly boarding at Woodbridge is on the odd occasion when I forget to bring my toothbrush – but there’s always someone at School House who can help me out with little things like that, as well as the bigger challenges (and my laundry too!)