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Leatherwork and Silversmithing

7 Feb 22

One of only a few Schools in the area to offer Leatherwork and Silversmithing as part of the curriculum, Woodbridge School students have the opportunity to learn these traditional artisan skills from Year 9 onwards and produce high quality products that they can be proud of and keep forever.


Students are given the opportunity to personalise their own leatherwork by selecting from an array of textured leather hides, finishing with coloured thread of their choice and embossing their initials.

Students also learn how to use and make templates, dye cut with press knives for mass production using a hydraulic press and hand stitch using traditional techniques and hand tools used in many industries including fashion, automotive, equestrian and product design.


A variety of professional silversmithing techniques and processes are taught, including annealing and silver soldering.  

Students have the opportunity to learn how to measure and fit their own bespoke sterling silver band, with the option to create a signet ring or a stacking ring choosing their own gemstones.  They will also be taught how to create a bezel and set their stones using traditional metal hand tools, polishing and buffing their final piece to a high shine.

Experimenting with metal-work techniques on such a small scale encourages a number of transferable skills including precision, dexterity and accuracy, the applications for which are significant and could include careers involving surgery or precision engineering for example.

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