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Jack Absolute Cast Interviews

20 Oct 23

Having recently shared interviews from cast members of Jack Absolute Flies Again, our Sixth Form Production being performed on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 November, we caught up with more students in rehearsals this week. A modern adaptation of a restoration comedy, our young actors will take audiences into a wartime comedy which sees the return of Pilot Officer Jack Absolute to his fearless Hurricane squadron after an aerial dog fight. There he is shocked to find his old flame is on the base, and he quickly sets his sights on winning her heart.

Brian Coventry, Played by Year 12’s Finlay
Having had roles in A Monster Calls and Shakespeare On The Lawn, Finlay is no stranger to the stage.  Playing the role of Brian Coventry an Intelligence Officer with a larger than life, colourful and quirky personality!  Finlay said,

“He’s a fun character to play, I love how he’s got to be in charge of everything, of the rabble – but he somehow never really does.  He interacts with every character in some way so it means I’m on and off the stage and in and out of scenes, he’s a lively one to play.” 

He continued,

“I feel nervously excited about the performance, but only because I can’t wait to see it all come together.”

Roy Faulkland, Played by Year 12’s James
Playing the part of a Hurricane pilot who is best friends with Jack Absolute himself, James is having lots of fun rehearsing and really enjoying the character he’s playing.  He explained,

“It’s a massive change to my most recent role in A Monster Calls, in the best possible way it’s like having two hours with your friends to have fun on stage!  It’s a very ensemble based piece of theatre, with big characters personality-wise.” 

He continued,

“The rehearsals are going great, it’s nice to be performing in a lighter production, and to not feel so emotionally drained by the script and characters – in the best possible way.  Looking ahead to the performances, my nerves are mostly down to hoping that the audience engages and enjoys the comedy as much as we do.”

Tony Sheridan, Played by Year 13’s Rufus
Having played Paris in last year’s Sixth Form production of Romeo and Juliet, Rufus is used to fast-paced action, as he’s mostly spent time on stage performing choreographed fight scenes. Definitely an advantage for this play which moves swiftly from one part to the next and is full of quick wit.  Explaining his character he said,

“Tony Sheridan is a dashing young man, poet, fighter and lover – he literally says this about himself in the play.  He’s a smart character that’s been lots of fun to play in rehearsals and I’m looking forward to the audience meeting him.” 

He also said,

“It’s a great comedy and I’m having so much fun in rehearsals, it’s lovely to be able to let your own sense of humour out on stage – in this light hearted but ridiculous comedy.”

Julia Melville, Played by Year 13’s Ellie
Explaining that she feels the performance will be a ‘brilliant showcase of everything we have to offer’, Ellie explained,

“This is a real opportunity for people to come together and laugh, at the characters and at the story – as I think my fellow actors have explained, it’s simply slapstick ridiculous – in the best possible way! My character is so much fun to play, she and Roy are classic lovers with some brilliant scenes – I think the audience will root for them, they’re crazy, but really sweet too.”

Tickets are now on sale for Jack Absolute Flies Again, available here.  Please be aware, the performances are recommended for ages 12 and above.

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