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ITFC Interview at The Abbey in Suffolk

ITFC Interview

1 May 15

On Thursday, 23 April 2015 Year 5 became journalists for an afternoon and interviewed Noel Hunt and Zeki Fryers from ITFC.  Year 5 actually called themselves The Abbey Press!  The Abbey Press  asked them what they did when they weren’t training for their big matches. The reply from them both was the electronic game, ‘Fifa!’ They said it was weird to see themselves on the computer game.

Here is a scoop you wouldn’t find in The Sunday Times, The Sun or even The Daily Mail – neither of them thought of football as a sport they would be playing professionally.  It turns out Hunt wanted to be a vet and Fryers had a dream of being an athlete running against Usain Bolt!

We asked them many questions, but here is one more: we asked them who was the hardest player they had come across? Fryers replied that for him it was Falcao  and the old Italian Captain Callivaro.

To be up close to players we usually see from a distance was a privilege.  We were also lucky enough at the end of the interviews to be able to get their autographs. We would like to thank Noel Hunt and Zeki Fryers for coming to visit us at The Abbey and ITFC for allowing them to come.

By James Holliday, Harvey Garrard and Samuel Bolus

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