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Field Trip Reports from Year 10 and 11 Geographers

24 Nov 22

Year 10 and 11 Geographers have been out of School on field trips, our Head of Geography Miss Gill shares more details in her report. 

Year 11 Geographers – Fieldwork Techniques 

Geographers have been out and about doing fieldwork in order to prepare them for the ‘Fieldwork Techniques’ part of the GCSE examinations and to consolidate knowledge previously learned in the classroom. 

Y11 were out in Ipswich gathering data to try and answer the question, ‘To what extent does Ipswich conform to the characteristics of a typical CBD?’ (Central Business District) They followed two transects along the streets, mapping land use using RICEPOTS (Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Public buildings, Open space, Transport and Services). They also measured pedestrian footfall and building height at equidistant points and carried out and Environmental Index looking at the quality of the built environment. And the answer to the question? Ask a Y11 Geographer! 

Year 10 Geographers – Coastal defences 

On a bright but blustery day – generations of Woodbridge geographers would say, ‘Is there any other alternative?’ – Y10 went out to measure the beach at Aldeburgh. Their primary objective was to gather data to answer the question, ‘How do coastal defences affect the beach?’ Due to lockdown, this was the first time these students had been out on a proper field trip, so it took a little time to get used to working outdoors with cold, wet hands, being responsible for equipment (one ranging pole lost to the waves) and dealing with results sheets blowing in the wind. However, some good data was eventually collected and students are now writing up their findings during lessons. 

Many thanks to Mrs Saagi for driving and helping pupils with their fieldwork.


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