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Field Day 2023

7 Jul 23

Our traditional Field Day took place last Friday, with students taking part in various activities including Year 7’s swinging through the trees at Go Ape, and Year 8 visiting and learning about the animals at Colchester Zoo. Sports Leaders were at our Prep School supporting children and staff during their Sports Day last Friday, while Year 9, 10 and 12 CCF Army, Navy and RAF cadets went out for various field day and night activities last Thursday evening.

CCF Navy Field Day and Overnight
Our Summer Field Day saw our CCF Navy cadets take part in an overnight expedition and various activities the following day. Staying at Hawkstead and Alton Water, students managed to squeeze in an evening paddling on the Stour estuary as the sun set as well as an escape and invasion night exercise which included outwitting enemy forces! Sleeping to recharge their batteries ahead of a full on day of activities the next day, they rotated mountain biking, paddle boarding, sailing and canoeing, learning and honing skills, and having a fabulous time.

CCF Army Field Day and Overnight
Deploying to RAF Barnham training area for their field day exercise and overnight, our CCF army cadets arrived and set up the bashas to sleep under before cooking their evening meals from their ration packs. They then took part in an evening patrolling exercise ahead of settling down for the night ahead of Friday’s activities. Going through a rota of stands, our Year 9 cadets took part in pairs fire and movement, navigation and stalk and patrol observation skills, while our Year 10s also carried out section attacks, defeating the notorious Black Hand Gang!

CCF RAF Field Day and Overnight
Also deploying to RAF Barnham, our CCF RAF cadets completed a full night escape and evasion task on Thursday evening, making the absolute most of the opportunity and doing so well they even managed to outwit and avoid the actual RAF regiment gun fire! Celebrations were in order for Team 2, lead by Year 12’s Lala. The following day after a warm night under canopy, cadets completed a full day of Laser Tag and Airsoft.

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