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Felsted MUN 2022

4 Mar 22

Earlier this week 16 students Years 10 to 13 represented Woodbridge School at Felsted MUN 2022, the theme this year was ‘Striving for greater global co-operation’.  Year 10’s Bee and Rose report on the conference for us. 

Felsted MUN 2022 

Encapsulating the continued need for international co-operation and unified change, a significant message during these troubled times, this year’s Felsted MUN conference was attended with enthusiasm and courage.   

The health committee tackled the rise in obesity, human genetic modification and global cooperation on vaccinations.  Year 10’s Skyla and Rose argued their amendments, which were both approved with an overwhelming majority.  The Ecology and Environment Committee also succeeded when debating the search for sustainable energy solutions as well as the controversies surrounding the trading of ivory.  Year 10’s James argued for a resolution on sustainable energy and delegates, while Year 11’s James and Bee raised points of information to question the motives and beliefs of other countries.  Year 10’s Harry and Amelie, Ethiopia’s delegates, also valiantly opposed a resolution on nuclear energy in the joint committee of Ecology and Environment and ECOSOC.  

ECOSOC also debated women’s right to an education, investment in space travel and the provision of foreign investment in developing countries. Year 13’s Jade and Year 10’s Ewan also ensured that their country’s voices were heard through point of information and amendments.  Year 12’s Iris, Year 10’s Xander and Marina stood as delegates for the countries of the UK, Ethiopia and Argentina in the human rights committee; debating the imprisonment of minors, the treatment of the Weger Muslims as well as the rights to abortion.   

The Security Council discussed the escalation of violence in Russia and Ukraine, year 13’s Maisy handled this debate with confidence and sensitivity. Moreover, Year 13’s Sophie, in the 1979 Historic Security Council, debated the Soviet invasion and Afghanistan giving careful consideration to the colonial legacy of the country herself represented, the UK. 

Not only was this conference filled with debate and discussion on many interesting topics but we were privileged to hear two guest speakers talk. Ash Perrin inspired us all when speaking of his experience in working with minors in refugee camps and the importance of fun for all those children who are in vulnerable situations. Thomas Sparrow, a German news correspondent, gave an informative insight to the media’s coverage of Russia and Ukraine’s war.  

This opportunity for debate and discussion would not have been possible if wasn’t for the support and time given by our teachers. Miss Hinton and Miss Saagi gave up their time to escort us to Felsted, making sure we had fun on our journey.  Thanks also to our MUN Director, Dr Ruggiero, who organised our contribution to this conference and enabled us to be part of the MUN community.  The experience has really helped us to further develop our confidence when speaking and debating in front of a very large audience.  We all enjoyed every moment and look forward to MUN in the future. 

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